Stall Activation / Fabrication

Stall Activation / Fabrication

At Design Matra, our Expo and Activation team’s passion and promise is engaging your visitors with a meaningful brand experience. Our experienced creative team apply their state- -of- the-art tools to give you the perspective needed to understand how the final structure will look.

Because form follows function, we first consider the visitor journey and space planning realities of your tradeshow, event or retail environment. Then, with your budget in mind, we integrate the right forms and materials.

Finally, our creative team and activation expert team weave it all together to deliver 3d renderings that accurately represent the finished structural concept.

How we work:

  • We listen your requirement.
  • Our creative team devlope designs on the basis of perspective.
  • We fix a budget.
  • our activation team initiates implemnting design into reality.
  • We handover the project to you in time.

Workshop / Seminar Arrangement

Design Matra Activation team gives personalized attention to each client to ensure that every aspect of the event is fine tuned, stress free and enjoyable for all. We help you in organizing workshop, seminar symposium and other events with affordable prices. Our services include a complete process of budgeting , event dates, selecting and reserving the event venue, equipments rentals for the event, coordinating transportation and parking, developing a theme or motive for the event, arrangement of speakers, site decoration, outside catering services, event services, event support and security.

We, along with our expert team sits down and make decisions for the betterment of our clients and try to provide an excellent service according to the customers’ demands.

Workshop / Seminar Arrangement

Fashion Show

Fashion Show

We have expertise in conceptualization of theme and it’s implementation in “fashion event”. Our experience and sound networking in modeling industry and fashion event management has earned us a stand in the growing competitive industry.

Our experts offer amazing concepts and our team present it into reality. We pay due attention to the following areas for any fashion event as they are key to excellence:

Venue and time

We select suitable locations of fashion show events with an understanding of the affordability of our client and the class of audience. The timing of the fashion event and fashion event coordinator is carefully selected convenient to both the clients and audience.


Our creative designers are expert in proposing a variety of themes and select the best one that goes with the concept. The concept of designer wardrobes and accessories is selected according to the style and execution of the theme.


Our activation team focuses on reliable solution to implement the the design and theme carefully. They give their best to make it successful and without any problem.

Brand/Product Campaign & Activation

Design Matra Expo & Activation team provides groundbreaking ways to connect brands and their audience, bringing the two closer and more meaningfully together. A 360° approach differentiates Design Matra Expo & Activation as a flexible committed partner in overall brand activation. Our team works out well-defined solutions, right from the start.

Every mission is a priority, aiming for the same goal: enforcing and innovating the connection between the brand and its target group.

Brand/Product Campaign & Activation

At The Design Matra we live by the saying "Trust could never buy, it has to earn".



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